DANE Rampe is expected to line up for Sydney against St Kilda on Saturday despite breaking a bone in his hand last weekend and having an operation on it on Monday.

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John Longmire refused to rule out his co-captain for the clash at Metricon Stadium, and was impressed with Rampe's ability to play through the injury in the tense win over Hawthorn.

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"He played the rest of the game and played a sensational game, so hopefully he’ll get to the line," Longmire said.

"Obviously we’ll rely on the medical advice, and we’ll just have to wait and see."

The Swans' coach added he expects Rampe will need to wear a protective glove to avoid further injury to his hand, whether he plays against the Saints on Saturday or returns in the coming weeks.

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Longmire was reluctant to talk more about Alastair Clarkson's post-match comments about Tom Papley, which included the Hawks coach saying that the Swans small forward "milks free kicks as well as anyone in the competition".

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"I said what I said after the game," Longmire stated.

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"There is probably just a couple of things. One, was it a free kick? That's not my role to answer that.

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"[Papley] has had one free kick on average this year. That's what the facts are, and now we're concentrating on our next game."

Longmire did add that he hasn't received an apology from Clarkson since the comments on Saturday, and that he "wasn't expecting one". 

Lewis Melican and Will Hayward are a couple of injured Swans who might be considered for selection this week, according to Longmire.

"Will is a chance. He was really keen to play last week, and I'm sure he’ll be really keen to play this week, but we won't be taking any risks with him."

Longmire is looking forward to taking the annual Pride Game against the Saints on the road this year.