The AFL today was notified by Collingwood of a non-adherence of the Return To Play Protocols.

Collingwood informed the AFL that Senior Coach Nathan Buckley and Assistant Coach Brenton Sanderson yesterday played a tennis match with two people from outside of the approved club people.

Both Buckley and Sanderson immediately reported the inadvertent breach to Collingwood officials when they realised they didn’t have the appropriate approval to partake in the activity.

Collingwood has been sanctioned $50,000 (50% suspended) for the non-adherence to the Return to Play Protocols.

AFL General Counsel Andrew Dillion said Collingwood were forthcoming in reporting the incident and reminded everyone the protocols are in place to protect the well-being of everyone, including the wider community.

"The AFL appreciates Collingwood’s advising the AFL of the breach and their cooperation with the investigation. We note that tennis is an approved exercise activity however approved participants are limited to Approved club staff, players, household members and immediate family.  Notwithstanding the inadvertent nature of this breach, it doesn’t excuse the responsibility to abide by the protocols." Mr Dillon said.

"This is a reminder that everyone, clubs, players, coaches, officials all need to be extremely diligent when undertaking activity outside of match day and training. Everyone has a role to play in keeping the community safe during these times."