FOUR teams are on the bye this round and that means plenty of thinking for AFL Fantasy coaches.

The Traders discuss their plans for the Monday-to-Friday round of Fantasy which includes when to make trades and how to safeguard your team for those worrisome team changes.

One of the big talking points is about taking the average from a bye player and whether you put that score on your field. Alternatively, you may even look to bring in a player on their bye to take their average and their price increase.

Warnie is keen on Connor Blakely following his 74 in his first game of 2020. He is a value pick and has the midfield role to boot, but are there better options?

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In this week’s episode …

1:30 - Round nine Fantasy form watch.

5:00 - Caleb Serong's last two games are celebrated.

11:00 - What was up with Hugh Greenwood's zero tackles?

15:00 - The Traders' round nine scores.

21:30 - Rules for this week.

28:45 - News of the week.

34:00 - Which value defender should you target for an upgrade this round?

40:40 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

47:00 - Who to trade Tim English to?

55:00 - Can you play Sam Draper on field?

59:50 - Which midfielder is the best out of Luke Parker, Dayne Zorko or Tim Kelly?

1:03:00 - Calvin's captain tips.

1:06:00 - Potential trades for this week.

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