ALTHOUGH it was a high scoring week with the weekly Fantasy Classic winner racking up 2047 points, there was plenty of frustrations all round.

Prior to the round starting coaches lost Max Gawn and Jack Viney to go with the injured stars, such as Adam Treloar, that were confirmed outs for the weekend. The timing of information and therefore when trades were made dictated the fortunes of many coaches for round 11.


Those that opted to go with two-gamer Sam Draper as their emergency for Gawn were devastated when two days later, he was managed by the Bombers. The story was different for the Darcy Cameron owners that were happy to take his 87 as cover.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie chat through the eventful round that was and get set for the quick turnaround as the last weekend of this festival of footy kicks off.

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In this week’s episode …

1:15 – Round 11 Fantasy form watch.

4:45 – The Traders’ scores.

9:30 – What did the boys do with Max Gawn?

14:00 – Rule reminders and what the rest of the season potentially looks like with rolling lockouts confirmed for every round.

16:30 – News of the week.

21:00 – How many donuts were taken in round 11?

24:30 – Tips on when to use your trades.

27:00 – Roy’s updated Rollin’ 22.

33:20 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

35:00 – Could you move on Brodie Grundy who is looking tired?

40:00 – A big name player could get FWD status after round 13.

45:30 – Which rookie to bring in this week?

50:20 – Calvin’s captain tips for round 12.

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