BRISBANE has laughed off Mitch Robinson's online criticism of Tom Lynch, saying he hadn't apologised to the playing group and there was no need to. 

Robinson was the centre of a media frenzy on Wednesday after he took aim at Lynch's decision to join Richmond on his Twitch gaming livestream. 

This followed a tweet from two nights earlier where he referenced Lynch's cheap shot on Alex Witherden after Lynch was caught up in an incident with Gold Coast's Sam Collins. 

Matthew Lloyd described Robinson as a "distraction". 

Speaking on Thursday alongside teammate Callum Ah Chee to talk about his Indigenous guernsey design for the Lions, Allen Christensen laughed that off. 

"Don't they know Mitch?" Christensen joked. 

"Cal's played with Lynchy (at Gold Coast), but 99 percent of us don't know anything about him. 

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"Mitch can say whatever he likes. 

"Mitch is the most vocal, outgoing person, sometimes you just want him to shut up anyway, haha. 

"It's just Mitch. 

"We've moved on, I'm sure Tom's moved on and we're all." 

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After a strong finish to 2019, out-of-contract Christensen has been unable to break into Brisbane's senior team this season. 

He said although he was disappointed, he hadn't given up hope on a return.

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"I'm not going to lie to you and say that I'm not disappointed that I'm not playing, but that's every player at every club," Christensen said. 

"I've just got to keep working hard and prove my case. 

"I still want to play, and we know anything can happen, but where we are as a team, I'm out of it at the moment, so I'm going to keep fighting and get that spot."

Christensen said now he took great pride in mentoring the club's young Indigenous players. 

"I take solace out of helping Kiddy (Keidean) Coleman, Cedric Cox and him (Ah Chee) moving up forward and helping those young boys play well," he said. 

"That's where I'm going to get my kicks now, that's where I'm at in my career."