IT'S GETTING tight at the top in the race for the AFL Coaches' Association's AFL Champion Player Award.

Port Adelaide veteran Travis Boak polled a perfect 10 votes to close the gap to Brisbane ball-magnet Lachie Neale, who failed to poll against St Kilda.

Check out who polled in round 13 from your club below and the full leaderboard at the bottom.  

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Gold Coast v Carlton

10 Marc Murphy (CARL)
4 Samuel Walsh (CARL)
4 Jack Martin (CARL)
3 Patrick Cripps (CARL)
3 Liam Jones (CARL)
2 Harrison McKay (CARL)
2 Jacob Weitering (CARL)
1 Michael Gibbons (CARL)
1 Jack Newnes (CARL)

Western Bulldogs v Melbourne

9 Marcus Bontempelli (WB)
5 Lachie Hunter (WB)
5 Mitch Wallis (WB)
4 Tom Liberatore (WB)
3 Bailey Smith (WB)
2 Steven May (MELB)
1 Jack Macrae (WB)
1 Jason Johannisen (WB)

Port Adelaide v Hawthorn

10 Travis Boak (PORT)
7 James Worpel (HAW)
4 Zak Butters (PORT)
3 Tom Mitchell (HAW)
2 Tom Clurey (PORT)
2 Trent McKenzie (PORT)
1 Darcy Byrne-Jones (PORT)
1 Sam Frost (HAW)

Essendon v Richmond

9 Dustin Martin (RICH)
9 Shai Bolton (RICH)
5 Jack Graham (RICH)
4 Zach Merrett (ESS)
2 Liam Baker (RICH)
1 Jordan Ridley (ESS)

Fremantle v Sydney

10 Luke Ryan (FRE)
8 David Mundy (FRE)
6 Andrew Brayshaw (FRE)
3 Brennan Cox (FRE)
2 Caleb Serong (FRE)
1 Matt Taberner (FRE)

Adelaide v Geelong

10 Cameron Guthrie (GEEL)
8 Mitch Duncan (GEEL)
3 Patrick Dangerfield (GEEL)
3 Rhys Stanley (GEEL)
3 Matt Crouch (ADEL)
2 Sam Menegola (GEEL)
1 Rory Laird (ADEL)

Brisbane v St Kilda

8 Jack Steele (STK)
8 Harris Andrews (BL)
6 Jarrod Berry (BL)
5 Zac Bailey (BL)
2 Zak Jones (STK)
1 Sebastian Ross (STK)

West Coast v Greater Western Sydney

10 Jeremy McGovern (WCE)
7 Nic Naitanui (WCE)
7 Josh Kelly (GWS)
2 Andrew Gaff (WCE)
2 Harry Perryman (GWS)
1 Josh Rotham (WCE)
1 Jake Riccardi (GWS)

Collingwood v North Melbourne

7 Darcy Moore (COLL)
7 Taylor Adams (COLL)
6 Scott Pendlebury (COLL)
5 Jed Anderson (NMFC)
4 Brayden Maynard (COLL)
1 Steele Sidebottom (COLL)


75 Lachie Neale BL
57 Travis Boak PORT
54 Christian Petracca MELB
52 Jack Steele STK
51 Taylor Adams COLL
48 Cameron Guthrie GEEL
48 Nic Naitanui WCE
40 Jack Macrae WB
40 Zach Merrett ESS
38 Marcus Bontempelli WB
37 Zak Jones STK
37 Dustin Martin RICH
34 Andrew Brayshaw FRE
34 Clayton Oliver MELB
32 Todd Goldstein NMFC
32 Scott Pendlebury COLL
31 Jarrod Witts GCFC
30 Mitch Duncan GEEL
30 Matthew Rowell GCFC
30 Luke Ryan FRE