WHAT will Brisbane do with its two first-round NAB AFL Draft picks this year?

Hear direct from the Lions' recruiting boss Stephen Conole on this week's episode of Road to the Draft as he delves into the club's plans with its two prized selections.

Conole gives his take on this year's draft pool and how Brisbane's recruiting and list management team are assessing players despite the interruptions of this season.

He also shares his five players who he expects to fight it out as this year's No.1 selection.

Tune in for the latest in the world of the draft, trade and player movement space as draft expert Callum Twomey and Nat Edwards are joined by prospects, club list managers and recruiters for exclusive interviews.

This week's episode guide…

0:45 - Conole describes the challenges of being a recruiter this season.

4:00 - How have clubs gotten to know prospects this year? An insight into the new age of interviews.

6:50 - Conole shares his view on why this draft pool has something for all clubs.

8:20 - Who are the five contenders for this year's No.1 pick?

11:00 - How much bearing will be placed on this year's NAB AFL Draft Combines?

14:30 - What are the Lions' plans with their two-first round picks?

17:10 - Conole describes where he thinks the club needs to bolster its list.

19:30 - An update on Brisbane's leading Academy talents and where they may fit in this year's crop.

21:15 - We get a recruiter's view on how next year's draft season should be structured.

23:30 - Conole discusses the young Lion whose development has gone under the radar.