IS WESTERN Bulldogs key forward Josh Bruce underperforming in season one of a four-year deal?

Should the Giants be getting more out of Sam Jacobs?

On this week's AFL Exchange, the team looks at the big-name recruits who have more to offer into next season, plus what the Bombers need to change in 2021. 

And the boss of the AFL quarantine hubs, Darren Birch, joins the show to reveal some quirky club requests, and how Collingwood's Steele Sidebottom will be able to return to Queensland.

Join Cal Twomey, Riley Beveridge and Mitch Cleary as they discuss all of footy's big topics from this week (and some of the not-so-big).

Episode guide

3:10 – The premiership contenders, and can the Lions win without Harris Andrews?
6.20 – What changes do Essendon need to implement heading into next year? 
9.25 – Which 2020 recruits need big 2021 campaigns?
12.30 – Which AFL players would be still in group chats with their former clubs?
14.30 – Was there more to the Alastair Clarkson comments directed towards Brett Ratten?
17.40 – Things that should happen
21.55 – What are clubs doing to back-up off short breaks in the fixture crunch?
26.10 – How would the 10-match suspensions for Callum Coleman-Jones and Sydney Stack impact any trade value for the pair?
29.05 – Hang on a second
37.55 – Our favourite Gabba memories
40.35 – Boss of the AFL quarantine hubs Darren Birch joins the show
49.10 – The AFL's plans for Steele Sidebottom to return to Queensland