HAWTHORN vice-captain Jordan Lewis says he has worked hard to eliminate reportable offences from his game and he was disappointed to lapse by earning a two-match ban in round five.

However, the midfielder said he had not intentionally struck North Melbourne ruckman Todd Goldstein and approached the contest wanting to spoil.

Lewis has been suspended for a total of nine matches in his 11 AFL seasons, including five matches from three separate incidents against the Kangaroos between 2007-12.  

Once regarded as a hothead, his recent record has been clean with his last suspension a rough conduct charge, also on Goldstein, in round 10, 2012.

"I've been pretty good for a while now and it's unfortunate that this creeps back into my game … I really worked hard to get that out of my game," Lewis told Fox Footy on Tuesday night. 

"Whenever you play a game and get reported, there's a certain part of you that feels little bit let down."

Lewis was able to accept a two-match ban with an early guilty plea for his strike on Goldstein, which was classified as careless conduct and high impact to the head.

The three-time premiership Hawk likely escaped a grading of intentional conduct because of the spoiling motion, and he said that had been his aim when he left the ground. 

"I didn't go into that contest thinking I'm going to what looks like coathanger this guy," he said.  

"Even after the game I was thinking to myself I should be OK because I thought I got his arms. 

"I can sit here and say that was my intention and you can agree with that or you don't. It doesn't worry me, but I can sit comfortably here saying that."

Hawthorn captain Luke Hodge was sent straight to the Tribunal on Tuesday night for striking North Melbourne midfielder Andrew Swallow and handed a three-match penalty after pleading guilty. 

However, defender Taylor Duryea was cleared of striking Swallow, with all three incidents occurring in the first quarter last Saturday night. 

Lewis said the Hawks hadn't intended to go as far as they did with their physical approach against the Kangaroos. 

"We want to be physical but we never want to go over the edge, because if you go over the edge you lose players for weeks," he said. 

"That stuff we didn't intend to do."