AFL STARS Gary Ablett and Scott Pendlebury joined the Australian cricket team at the MCG on Friday - as their drinks waiters.

Ablett and Pendlebury both worked with the Gatorade hydration team to prepare the drinks cart and then taking the drinks out to the players at a break on day two of the Boxing Day Test.

Ablett and Pendlebury's temporary career move was to celebrate Gatorade's new three-year partnership with the AFL. The global drinks company has supported Cricket Australia for more than seven years.

Gatorade ambassador Ablett said: ''The Ashes are known for creating memorable moments, so being out on the field with the boys today to help them refuel was an absolute honour.

''As an endurance sports player, it is important to be the best you can and Gatorade helps you stay hydrated for maximum performance.  I just hope my appearance at the cricket today secured my place to be in the running for twelfth man in 2014.''

Asked on TV about his experience, Ablett said, "It was a bit of fun – a different experience … really enjoyed it."

Kim McConnie, marketing director for PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand, said, "We've had a really successful partnership with Cricket Australia in recent years and look forward to bringing that valuable knowledge and experience to another leading sport in Australia.

"The partnership between Gatorade and the AFL isn't just about supporting the players and fans, it is also about actually helping them be the best they can be and helping advance the sport for future generations."