MELBOURNE will speak to Dean Terlich and Alex Georgiou on Tuesday about their choice of fancy dress outfits at 'Mad Monday' celebrations.
The teammates attended the function with Terlich, 24, dressed as disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris and Georgiou, 24, dressed as a girl.
A photo of the pair posing together was posted on Instagram.
Harris was sentenced to jail in England after being found guilty of indecent assault on victims aged between eight and 19 between 1969 and 1986.
Melbourne has conceded the players made a poor decision and inconsiderate mistake in their choice of costume and will speak to the two players about their "error of judgment".
Terlich and Georgiou joined the club as mature-aged players after playing in the SANFL.
An AFL spokesperson told they expected that Melbourne would address the issue with the players.
Clubs have worked hard to educate players in the lead-up to this year's off-season with leadership groups playing a key role in discussing issues players might need to deal with during the off-season.
Some clubs held player-coach meetings on Monday rather than have players immediately join 'Mad Monday' celebrations.