THE AFL on Thursday wrote to all clubs to advise the AFL Commission had ratified three recommendations presented to it at its meeting on Wednesday.

The Commission had considered recommendations to the existing list concessions for the Gold Coast Football Club and list concessions for Clubs in relation to Next Generation Academy players. The Commission also approved an amendment to Rule 10.11(a)(iii) relating to the promotion of Rookie List Players onto AFL Primary Lists.

The Commission also considered the views of all stakeholders and industry groups consulted. 

Amendment to Rule 10.011(a) – Inclusion of a Rookie List Player onto the Primary List 

- The AFL Commission approved an amendment to Rule 10.11(a)(iii) which states that a Rookie player can only be upgraded to a Primary List prior to the NAB AFL National Draft. 

- Under the amendment, Rookie players will now be able to be upgraded to a Primary List following the NAB AFL National Draft and prior to the commencement of the NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft.

Review of the Gold Coast Football Club’s current list concessions

- Following an assessment of the Club’s 2020 season, the Commission determined there would be no change at this time to the concessions provided to the Gold Coast Football Club over three years at last December’s Commission meeting. The Commission decided these concessions will be re-assessed at its October meeting in 2021.

- In line with that process, the Gold Coast Football Club will not be able to trade their 2021 start of second-round round selection they currently hold in the upcoming NAB AFL Trade Period.

- The Commission decided should there be any changes to list sizes, the Gold Coast Football Club would also be subject to the same changes on a pro-rata basis.

Next Generation Academy Concessions

- The AFL Commission discussed a preliminary review into the future of Next Generation Academy concessions and determined that with the inclusion of the NGAs into the AFL Talent Pathway Program, the associated concessions provided to Clubs should be revised.

- The Commission requested that the AFL continue to consult further with Clubs ahead of the upcoming exchange period in order to confirm a model that would be effective immediately following the 2020 NAB AFL National Draft.