HAWTHORN president Jeff Kennett will be at the club until at least the end of the 2023 season, after being re-elected for another three years. 

The former Victorian premier had said in February he would not seek re-election, but changed his mind in August amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kennett had previously been the Hawks president from 2005 to 2011, meaning at the end of this new stint he will have led the club for 12 years across a 19-year period.


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"Can I report that at the close of nominations for your board, as there were no more candidates than vacancies, Luke Stambolis and Owen Wilson were elected unopposed and that will be confirmed at our AGM," Kennett said in a letter to club members. 

"Peter Nankivell was re-elected [vice-president], as was I as your president for the next three years. 

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"Can I personally thank the membership for their support of my continuing leadership of the club.

"I know not everything I say and do pleases everyone, but we are a collegiate board that has and will continue to deliver in the club’s best interest. No one individual is more important than another."


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In the same letter, Kennett also indicated the duties of senior coach Alastair Clarkson will change somewhat, as a result of the decreased soft cap and subsequent staff changes.

"This does mean that Alastair will have a much greater hands on coaching role," Kennett said.

"Alastair is not only up for the task, but [is] looking forward to doing so."