NORTH Melbourne is trying to strengthen its 2020 NAB AFL Draft hand by trading for another pick between its current second and third selections of No.11 and No.30.

However, head of player personnel Scott Clayton said it was unlikely the Roos will trade its prized No.2 selection.

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Speaking on's Draft Countdown on Tuesday, Clayton said the Kangaroos thought highly of the 2020 crop and were keen to load up.

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Roos' pick No.2 plans, why they're in the 'sweet spot'

North Melbourne head of player personnel Scott Clayton discusses the club's draft hand

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"In a perfect world you'd love another pick in there," he said.

"We really like this draft pool, even given the challenges it's thrown up.

"It's going to be hard to do but you never know. 

"There may be a point where you're prepared to invest a future pick somewhere. I'm pretty sure it will cross our mind at some stage."

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Clayton was tight-lipped on the exact player the Roos would take at No.2, but confirmed they would likely bid on Western Bulldogs Next Generation Academy talent Jamarra Ugle-Hagan if Adelaide didn't with the first pick. 

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"We'd certainly consider doing that. He's a very very good player," he said.

"He's going to be an exciting player. Just his physical development, every month you see him you think "oh my goodness, he looks even better".

It's unlikely North will trade No.2 in the hope of getting multiple picks, however.

Clayton said it was open to the idea, but "right here right now it's probably more unlikely than likely".