SOME AFL Fantasy Draft coaches spend months preparing for their Draft Day … and Steve Fizz is one of them.

Co-founder of the popular Fantasy Draft related podcast the Draft Doctors has been plying his trade in his favourite format of Fantasy for years.

Steve starts compiling his rankings in December when the positions for the upcoming season are announced and with his mates – Jono, Cam, Statesman and Dos – they compile an extensive draft kit with their rankings and takes on a numbers of players in the league.

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Picking sleepers late in the draft such as Liam Baker, Joel Selwood and Orazio Fantasia can help you get a leg up on Draft day. Steve shares some advice on how to get success when drafting to set you up for a big season.

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Roy, Calvin and Warnie talk about the Draft Doctors’ excellent Mock Draft Simulator that allows you to practice your drafting by applying your league settings and your pick ahead of draft day.

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In this week’s episode …

1:30 - Steve discusses why he changes his team name every year.

3:00 - We hear about the history of the Draft Doctors and how they're proud of bringing Centre Bounce Attendance stats to the forefront of Fantasy coaches' minds.

4:15 - Fantasy baseball is where it all started.

7:00 - How to start compiling Draft rankings.

9:10 - Any rank adjustments due to the AAMI Community Series games?

11:20 - The Draft Doctors' Draft Kit features their take on draft ranges and risk profiles of players to help make your decisions as to the right time to select players on draft day.

13:30 - You can practice a draft from your allotted position using the Mock Draft Simulator.

16:00 - Steve's strategy with pick nine in his home league this weekend.

19:10 - Orazio Fantasia is a sleeper due to his ADP of 252.

20:20 - Don't pick Jeremy Howe as high as he's going in drafts.

22:00 - Draft day tips.

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