THERE was an increase in total Fantasy points scored in round two, with 44 points per team added compared to round one. This is still 27 points shy of the 2019 average, but it's moving in a positive direction.

All the talk out of round one was the demise of the rucks. Brodie Grundy (122) and Max Gawn (108) bounced back, with Jarrod Witts (110) and Rhys Stanley (109) also cracking the Fantasy ton - something that wasn't achieved in round one.

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That said, anyone who backed in Reilly O'Brien (48) will want to jump ship.

Popular mid-priced forward Jye Caldwell (49) injured his hamstring and will join fellow Bombers Sam Draper (30) and Dylan Shiel (54) on the sidelines. Caldwell appears in 29 per cent of Fantasy Classic teams and is a must-trade this week.

Fantasy Pig of the week

Prior to Sunday, Blake Hardwick (135) had scored just one Fantasy ton in his 84 games. He blitzed it against the Tigers with a whopping 52-point final quarter where he took seven of his 15 marks. Hardwick's career Fantasy average is 63, but the new rules have seen plenty of defenders rack up bigger numbers due mostly to marks. We're not sure if we'll see Hardwick as a Fantasy Pig again, but he'll be a good free agent pick in draft considering he scored 91 in round one.

Honourable mentions

Docker Andrew Brayshaw (127) was impressive in the final game of the round keeping himself in the '100s in every game' club. There are 11 players currently in the club for 2021, including Taylor Walker (120) whose six-goal haul helped him to be the top scorer at the SCG. Bulldogs trio Marcus Bontempelli (117), Josh Dunkley (117) and Jack Macrae (113) scored at will while Fantasy Pig Tom Mitchell (111) looks to be a trade target ASAP.

Top scorers – R2

  1. Blake Hardwick (135)
  2. Touk Miller (130)
  3. Clayton Oliver (130)
  4. Jed Anderson (127)
  5. Andrew Brayshaw (127)
  6. Christian Petracca (124)
  7. Brodie Grundy (122)
  8. Brandon Ellis (122)
  9. Jack Billings (122)
  10. Taylor Adams (121)
  11. David Mundy (121)
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The Traders' round two Fantasy wrap

Roy, Calvin and Warnie chat through the best and worst performers of the weekend

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Cash cows of the round

The best player with a starting price under $270k will be awarded the Michael Barlow Medal as the best cash cow of the year.

The votes for round two:

5 – James Jordon, Melbourne, MID - 108
After scoring 80 in round one, more than 4,800 coaches brought in the Demon for his second game. Thirty per cent of the competition played him on their field for a Fantasy ton. Jordon looks to be a must-have cash cow this year.

4 – Braeden Campbell, Sydney, MID/FWD - 96
Kicking skills were on show with 21 disposals by foot.

3 – Errol Gulden, Sydney, MID - 93
Oh Errol! Proved that last week's ton wasn't a fluke.

2 – Chad Warner, Sydney, FWD - 81
Two goals and 20 disposals, a popular F6 this season.

1 – Matthew Flynn, GWS, RUC - 72
Coaches riding the rookie R2 is still the correct play.

LEADERBOARD: James Jordon 7, Errol Gulden 7, Matthew Flynn 6, Braeden Campbell 4, James Rowe 3.

Rage trades

Jaidyn Stephenson (51) – The most traded-in player let down his 30,000 owners, unable to back up from his outstanding 128 in round one. Stephenson was stuck forward at times to return a modest score.

Zac Williams (63) – We would have all started Williams had he not been suspended for round one. Some 3,200 coaches jumped on board for round two but were let down with his first-up effort which saw him score just 22 points in the first half.

Lachie Neale (51) – Plenty of coaches rightfully dodged Neale this season as they didn't think he would maintain his high price. Following scores of 68 and 51, his price will plummet and the 75 per cent of the competition without him will be keen on him as a fallen premium.

Andrew Gaff (60) – Poor Calvin started with Gaff, who has scored 70 and 60 in his opening two games. Plenty of pundits thought the new game style would have suited him, but, at this stage, they are wrong.

Lachlan Sholl (47) – This is a personal one, but I am not alone. A popular option at $470k due to his ton last week, Sholl scored donuts in the last term to only just hit his breakeven.

Paddy Dow (44) – Low time on ground, low scores … must-trade.

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