DUSTIN Martin's father, Shane, will be unable to watch his son play in the finals for Richmond after a new law was pushed through that will prevent him from returning to Australia.

There is also the distinct possibility that Dustin Martin will win the Brownlow Medal later this month, an event his father will also be unable to attend.

An amendment to the Migration Act to stop Shane Martin and up to 20 other people whose visas have been cancelled from re-entering Australia has been pushed through parliament by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

The laws were passed on Monday in anticipation of a High Court decision on Wednesday that found two men accused of being members of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle club had been illegally thrown out of Australia.

The law change means that other people ejected from Australia under similar circumstances cannot return to this country.

Shane Martin, who resides in New Zealand, had his visa cancelled over alleged connections with members of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Dutton said Shane Martin would not be allowed back into the country on his watch.

"He's not coming back, no," Dutton said of Martin on Triple M radio.

"I feel for the Martin family in the circumstances, but I've got to take into consideration not only those people that have been victims of crimes committed by outlaw motorcycle gang members and those associated with them, but also the future impact, that is we want to try and reduce crime."

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull strongly backed the decision to exclude Martin from Australia.

"His (Dustin Martin's) father has had his visa cancelled because of his criminal record and association with outlaw motorcycle gangs," Turnbull said on 3AW.

"People who are outlaw motorcycle gang members, who are criminals or threats to national security, cannot stay in the country".

When asked if Shane Martin posed a threat to the safety of the country, Turnbull replied, "Of course".

Martin has previously denied being involved in criminal activity.

His son flew to Auckland last week to discuss his football future with his father after weighing up a seven-year $1.5 million dollar offer from North Melbourne.

Martin announced in a paid interview on The Footy Show last week he would remain at Richmond, signing a contract extension worth up to $1.3 million through until the end of the 2024 season.

The star midfielder will be hoping to lead the Tigers to finals glory, starting with Friday night's qualifying final against Geelong.