GREATER Western Sydney coach Leon Cameron has implored the Match Review Panel to view Toby Greene's match-day report in isolation, and not be coloured by the forward's undisciplined reputation.

On his return from a two-game suspension, Greene once again found himself in hot water, after he was reported for rough conduct when his foot made forceful contact with Bulldog Luke Dahlhaus in the third quarter.

TALKING POINTS: Toby brings Dogs to heel

The tough Dogs midfielder left the field with a bloodied face and required staples to stem the flow.

While Dahlhaus was able to return and complete the game, Greene's report cast a shadow over GWS' win.

The Giants will be sweating on the MRP's decision, given the forward's poor disciplinary record.

WATCH: Leon Cameron's press conference

Greene has already been suspended twice this year, and one of those suspensions was for striking Bulldog Caleb Daniel in round six.

"I understand there's going to be a lot of hysteria around Toby," Cameron said after the match.

"But clearly he has got his eyes on the ball so what he's done is protected himself. Obviously the powers to be will look at it but it is what it is, but they need to judge Toby Greene on his merits.

"We're disappointed that Toby's missed games, we're never going to shy away from that. He's obviously far better for us playing than he is sitting in the stands. We accept that, Toby accepts that.

"But there's no doubt he's going to be judged because of his previous incidents. But what I will say is that I love having him in the team because he's a fantastic competitor and we are a better team when he's running out with the Giants."

Toby Greene’s 2017 rap sheet

JLT Community Series
Fined $1000 for misconduct against Sam Wright (NM) 

Round four
Fined $1000 for striking Dan Houston (PA) 

Round six
Suspended for two matches for striking Caleb Daniel (WB) 

Round 18
Suspended for two matches for striking Alex Rance (Rich) 

Round 21
Reported for rough conduct against Luke Dahlhaus (WB)

Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge would not comment on the incident.

Two minutes after Dahlhaus left the field, Greene took a contested mark in attack  against young defender Lewis Young, and kicked the goal, much to the disapproval of Bulldogs fans.

Cameron applauded the ability of Greene to maintain his focus, despite being reported.

"He's got tremendous composure when he's under pressure and you can't go and buy that. It's very hard to teach it and you don’t know whether you're going to get it when you draft kids," he said.

"He kicked a 50m bomb from the boundary, he continued on playing his role, even though there was that incident. We've seen it time after time, and he's only six years into his career. He's a really important player and clearly he can cope with big moments."

Greene was booed constantly throughout the night by Bulldogs fans but Cameron shrugged off the crowd's reaction saying it was "just part of the game".

Teammate Jonathon Patton told that Greene thrived in a hostile environment.

"The worst thing the Bulldogs fans could have done to Toby is boo him," Patton said.

"He responds so well to adversity, he's such a gun and he lets his footy do the talking. Some people don’t like the way he plays but we love it and he can keep doing it."