PORT Adelaide livewire Jake Neade has followed Jay Schulz's lead and extended his contract in the club's final week of pre-Christmas training.
Schulz committed to a new deal on Monday, with Port to announce a new re-signing every day this week.
Neade's new deal will see him remain at Alberton until at least the end of the 2016 season.
The speedy 19-year-old played 16 games in his debut season, exciting crowds with his pace, evasiveness and courage.
Neade finished the 2013 season at 66kg and has already added 2kg to his 170cm frame this pre-season.
He hoped to add a few more by round one.
"I want to try and get to 70kg but I'm at 68kg at the moment which is good," Neade said.
"For me to put on more muscle it'll help me with my body strength against other opponents which is great.
"Playing a couple of games this season has prepared me pretty well for next season, it's going to be a hard season  … but it should be good."
Neade is currently slogging his way through his first full pre-season, having been excused from some of the pain last year as a first-year player.
He said he'd never been pushed so hard in his life but that it would be worthwhile if he could play more than the 16 games he managed this year.
"Last year we weren't doing much as first years … but in my second year we're pretty much doing the whole pre-season now," he said.
"It's pretty hard, I haven't been pushed that hard yet in my life but I'm sticking in there.
"It's a big target to play 20 games, but I just want to get my body right even if that's being the sub.
"Mid-season I was starting to tire a bit, my body just wasn't used to it, so I reckon a few more extra pre-season and hopefully I'll be all right."