LAST season the Crows were the easiest team to play against but this year it’s looking like the Pies are the team who are giving up bulk points in 2021.

Across all positions except the ruck (due to Brodie Grundy’s dominance), Collingwood have given up the most points to their opposition.

Defenders against the Pies are some of the biggest beneficiaries. Calvin expects Jack Ziebell and Aaron Hall to have big games this week based on what they’ve been allowed to do in North Melbourne’s backline this season, coupled with the easy opponent.

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In the midfield, Gold Coast and North Melbourne join the Pies as teams who allow the points to flow.

The Traders chat through the Scale of Hardness based on the numbers from the first seven rounds on this week’s episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast.

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In this episode …

2:00 - Roy is pumped with Tom Powell's 104 after looking like he was down and out.

6:15 - 'Mopey' Max Gawn dropped just 72 points.

8:30 - The R2 headache of Matt Flynn was back with Shane Mumford now the Giants' preferred ruck for the next few weeks.

13:30 - Tom Rockliff injured his knee in the SANFL while Jake Riccardi top scored in the VFL with 40 disposals and 19 marks for 184 Fantasy points.

16:45 - Is there still hope for Tom Highmore after scoring 130?

18:10 - With no massive injury woes, trading out fattened cash cows is the priority this week.

22:20 - A role change that has seen him shifted back to the wing makes Josh Kelly a prime target.

26:15 - Aaron Hall ticks a lot of boxes at his price.

28:45 - Calvin discusses his Scale of Hardness.

31:30 - Teams appear to be cashing in when playing the Pies making them the easiest team to score Fantasy points across all positions, excluding the ruck.

35:00 - Roy runs through how to plan for the bye rounds.

39:30 - Can you hold on to some fattened cash cows based on their byes? Chad Warner is someone you can consider holding past his use by date.

42:30 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

47:00 - Should you trade Tom Phillips or fix up red dots on your bench?

50:30 - Will Jack Ziebell and Aaron Hall's roles change anytime soon?

55:45 - How many rookies do they boys have on field?

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