IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big news after another dramatic day in football.

Richmond's off-field issues - that were a huge talking point in 2020 - are again in the spotlight after Shai Bolton and Daniel Rioli were involved in a nightclub brawl that led to Bolton breaking his hand. Find out when Richmond first became aware of the incident and when that was passed on to the AFL.

Damo and Nat also look at Melbourne's 8-0 record and discuss what that means for Dees. Get excited, Melbourne fans ... you will like this record.


North Melbourne's staggering losing record is also on the menu, as is Collingwood's concussion battle with AFL, and there's heaps more.


In this episode ...

0:30 – Rioli and Bolton incident unpacked

1:15 – Timeline of events for Rioli and Bolton

4:21 – Richmond's recent disciplinary issues

6:51 – The potential "loophole" slammed shut for Pies

8:20 – North Melbourne's jaw-dropping losing streak

9:12 – Why North Melbourne are worse placed than other recent sides with 16 consecutive losses

10:41 – Should the Roos be given a priority pick

12:03 – Where it all started to go wrong for North

12:53 – What 8-0 means for Melbourne

13:53 – The forward line that is flying