PORT Adelaide's Indigenous jumper design was originally designed by Aboriginal artist Elle Campbell, the club has confirmed.

The club investigated claims made by Ms Campbell on social media relating to the artwork on the Power's guernsey for Sir Doug Nicholls Round, and determined the artwork had originally been created for a 2019 exhibition at Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia.

Port unveiled their Indigenous jumper this week after a competition asking high school students to design the guernsey.

The winning entrant came from a 17-year-old (AFL.com.au has chosen not to name the woman), who said her design was inspired by designs she saw on social media.

Ms Campbell said she had been in contact with the student, and that there was no ill feeling.

"One thing that I want to stress is that I don’t want people to hassle the student. She’s young, she’s made a mistake and owned it, and I know what social media culture can be like. I ask people to consider her feelings because there’s certainly no ill feeling from me and I just want her to work through this situation with her family," she said.

"The way the Port Adelaide Football Club has handled this has been great. I’m happy that I will receive the recognition as the original artist and that my story behind the artwork can be told."

Port Adelaide has Ms Campbell's blessing to wear the guernseys for Sir Doug Nicholls Round.

"I definitely want Port Adelaide to wear the guernsey with great pride in Sir Doug Nicholls Round," she said.

"Sir Doug Nicholls Round is important to me and my people and I know it means a lot to Port Adelaide. I don’t want to take anything away from the club or the Indigenous players representing the club."

All proceeds from guernsey sales will be invested into Port Adelaide's Indigenous programs.

The Power's CEO Matthew Richardson thanked Ms Campbell for her understanding.

"Clearly, no one intended for this to play out this way, but we are now pleased that Ms Campbell will get the recognition she deserves and we look forward to telling the story behind her artwork next week," Mr Richardson said.

"Ms Campbell has been outstanding throughout this whole process and we thank her for her understanding. It’s a mark of her character that one of her first concerns was the welfare of the student.

"We have provided support resources for the student and her family and will continue to support her moving forward. She made a mistake and acknowledged it, so now we ask others to respect her privacy."

Ms Campbell took to social media on Thursday to claim she had originally designed the artwork.

"Wow. This is MY painting, someone has submitted it as their own and PAFC are using it for their guernsey," Campbell wrote on Instagram.

"Feeling pretty heartbroken that another Aboriginal woman has stolen my artwork that not only means so much to me but it also one of my first paintings. The most heartbreaking part is wanting my art to be seen on my own merit, not because something like this happening. That's now been taken away from me."

All AFL clubs will wear Indigenous themed jumpers in Sir Doug Nicholls games in round 12 and 13 commencing on May 28.