UMPIRES would be happy to hand out red cards if AFL rules called for it, umpires coach Hayden Kennedy says.

The red card debate erupted on social media following Tom Jonas' high hit on Eagle Andrew Gaff, which left him concussed and unable to take any further part in the match.

Port Adelaide's Jonas was reported at the time for the hit and is likely to be sent directly to the AFL Tribunal.

Kennedy, speaking on's Whistleblowers, said umpires would do whatever the rules required. 

"If we think it's a report on the day, we will report it.

"If the laws of the game suggest that there are other ways of doing it, we will go down that way," he said.

"We won't mind either way."

Nic Nat not a fan of send-off rule

The red card rule exists at VFL and community level, meaning umpires now in the AFL, who have come through the lower tiers, would be used to considering it as a penalty.

Essendon rookie Gach Nyuon was sent off in a VFL match last week for headbutting and subsequently received a two-match suspension.

Kennedy acknowledged the pressure involved in deciding to send off a player for the rest of the match, but backed his umpires to make the right choice.

"There would be a lot of pressure, but the guys are up to it," Kennedy said.

"If they think it's reportable [or requires a send-off], they just have to deal with it on the day.

"We can always talk about it, and discuss it, and see what the best outcome for footy is."