AFLX could find a new home at AAMI Park next year, as the AFL looks to enhance the spectator experience of the radical pre-season event. chief football correspondent Damian Barrett says the concept would be better suited to a facility specifically designed for rectangular sport.

"It may have been better played at a rectangularly-designed stadium, AAMI (Park) for instance down here in Melbourne," Barrett said on The Sounding Board podcast.

"People though (AFLX) was the worst thing they’d ever done, it was a disgrace to the game, that it was the AFL losing its plot.

"(I) loved what Channel Seven did with it. Loved the way they approached it and loved the way the players approached it."

Co-host Craig Hutchison believes AAMI Park – the boutique stadium home to rugby and soccer in Melbourne – is being considered by AFL executives.

"I thought a lot of good came out of it. I do believe it will be at AAMI Park next year. I think there's enough groundswell on this for that to be the case."

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