IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards look at all the big issues after another huge round day of football.

In this episode ...

- The sleeping giant is not awake ... but it is turning
- Hot Cats make it five in a row, Lions next
- Joel Selwood, Toby Greene play on the edge, but we need to get these acts OUT of the game
- Pressure builds on Carlton and Gold Coast after disastrous losses
- Carlton players need to be in the 'review'


In this episode ...

0:42 - 'The sleeping giant' of the competition hasn't awoken ... it has at least 'turned in its sleep' 

2:34 - There's an argument to say Stringer is a better player at Essendon compared to the Bulldogs

3:23 - The Nick Hind story is not just a great Bombers story, but a great competition story

3:57 - Bombers still in the mix for finals 

7:07 - Joel Selwood was immense in the dying moments and footy, as we know, is all about moments

8:27 - The fines are probably the right outcome but a better message would have been a suspension

9:09 - Some issues and behaviour with Toby Greene that will not go away

11:07 - Carlton had a week off, the Giants had a six day break - such a 'disappointing loss'

11:38 - 'They've dished up more of the same ... but 'worse of the same' - if there's such a thing 

12:54 - Luke Sayers' review is perfectly understandable

13:50 - The players need to be part of the Carlton review. 'They're as much to blame as anyone'

15:00 - Same case with Gold Coast ... 'another season is gone before it meaningfully got started'