THE BITTER fallout from Chad Wingard's Port Adelaide exit continues, with the Hawthorn recruit declaring South Australian commentators have spread a "bunch of lies" about him.

A social media post in the midst of the NAB AFL Trade Period fuelled more behind-the-scenes speculation about Wingard's relationship with the Power.

"If you’ve seen the coverage in Adelaide, it has been a bunch of lies and a lack of understanding. Just because a deal like this has gone through, it doesn’t mean they have to jump to conclusions and reach for the negative angle," Wingard writes on

"Past greats of the club have spoken about my exit meeting in various forums, and said that the coaches and the leaders complained about me being a sook and that they were over me."


Among those former greats, 2004 premiership captain Warren Tredrea.

"He's clipped Ken Hinkley, and clipped the leadership group, led by Travis Boak, that he never got any feedback," Tredrea told Triple M on Friday.

"They think this young man is telling the truth? My understanding is the leadership group were sick of him, sick of his attitude.

"I can tell you post-season, when Kenny challenged him, it was toys out of the cot," he said.

"Sometimes you take your medicine, come back a week later. My understanding was he just said 'trade me'."

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But in his first-person article Wingard disputes this.

"In reality, it has been mutual on all sides and sometimes the media don’t like that, because they can’t sell it," he writes.

"That is why I posted on Instagram and told everyone to be patient until they heard my side of the story.

"To read and hear those things hurt a lot because I feel like I have given a lot back to the club and the fans. All I can do now is move on."

The 25-year-old has signed a five-year deal with Hawthorn.