FOR THE second time in Jeremy Cameron's career, the star Greater Western Sydney forward is facing the prospect of at least a month on the sidelines through suspension.

Cameron's nasty late elbow on Harris Andrews left the Brisbane defender bloodied and concussed, with the youngster clearly unable to play out Saturday's clash at the Gabba.

Andrews was struck on the jaw by Cameron's forearm as he ran back with the flight to spoil.

BRUTAL HIT Andrews out cold

He was immediately knocked out, with the reaction of the home crowd to the replays shown around the Gabba an instant indication of the seriousness of the incident.

Cameron had attacked the ball with ferocity. But his decision to leave the ground and turn his body makes it certain that he will find himself in hot water early next week.

For match review boss Michael Christian, the task in front of him as he enters League headquarters on Monday morning will almost be as simple as they come.

High contact and severe impact means Cameron will be heading to the Tribunal on Tuesday night. Whether Christian deems it intentional or careless conduct could have implications on his hearing, though it won't matter in the sense of when he finds out his fate.

It will be the second time in just over two years Cameron will visit the Tribunal as a result of an incident involving a Brisbane player. In 2016, he served a four-match ban for a bump that left Lions midfielder Rhys Mathieson with a broken jaw during pre-season.

Cameron argued his hit on Mathieson was at the lower end of severe impact bumps.

But although Andrews was fortunately stitched up, making jokes and eventually back on the bench on Saturday, Cameron won't be able to make the same case this time around.

Cameron may suggest that he was pushed into Andrews by Darcy Gardiner. He may also argue that contact was unavoidable and that he was simply trying to protect himself.

However, that's unlikely to save him. The fact the Giants forward never put his hands up to mark, instead cocking his elbow before making contact, makes for damning vision.

AFL QC Jeff Gleeson has argued before that the base sanction for severe impact incidents should be four matches. It makes a month on the sidelines almost inevitable for Cameron.

However, it could also be a minimum in terms of what he can expect at the Tribunal.

If a severe impact grading is then compounded by his conduct being deemed intentional, rather than careless, it could even put a five or six-game ban in the frame.

One thing is for sure, given GWS faces crucial games against Hawthorn, West Coast, Richmond and Port Adelaide over the next month, the penalty will be extremely costly.

Cameron's bad record

20129WrestlingJake CarlisleGuilty$900
201215StrikingClinton YoungNot Guilty
201410StrikingDylan GrimesGuiltyReprimand
201410MisconductDylan GrimesGuilty$1,800
201411Rough conductJarryd RougheadGuilty1 match
20158Forceful front-on contactKyle CheneyGuilty$1,000
201518Engaging in meleeGuilty$1,000
2016Pre-seasonRough conductRhys MathiesonGuilty4 matches
2017Pre-seasonStrikingScott ThompsonGuilty$1,000
20189KneeingWill SchofieldGuilty$2,000