HAWTHORN coach Alastair Clarkson is far from worried about Lance Franklin's form, ahead of Saturday night's grand final rematch with the Sydney Swans.

The out-of-contract forward hasn't kicked a goal in a fortnight, but Clarkson insists he is still contributing.

"Even all this questioning now, it just too much 'Buddy-centric' for mine, it's just like listen, he's one of 22, he'll play a role for us and if he's kicking a goal for us or not, we're happy with what he's doing.,"  

"He's been a great contributor for us for a long period of time, so he'll get his mojo at some point in time."

Clarkson said Franklin has more to offer than just goals.

"For a bloke that's sadly out of form he's still had 17 touches, a heap of defensive acts on our behalf," Clarkson said sarcastically.  

"We didn't rate his game particularly poorly last week at all, it's just that everyone else does because he doesn't score goals.

The Hawthorn coach dismissed any link between Franklin's efforts and his contract status.

"That'll all play itself out, he's indicated that he'll discuss that at the end of the year."

Clarkson said a lot of things had changed since last year's season decider and he expected a different style of match on Saturday night.