NOT LONG ago, Dan Hannebery was not only a star for Sydney, but a star of the competition.

This year, the triple All Australian has dropped off more than anyone else in the AFL.

Hannebery has averaged 5.7 points per game in the Schick AFL Player Ratings this season, which sees him ranked No.321.

That's down from 11.9 points per game last year, when he was ranked No.93.

SCHICK AFL PLAYER RATINGS: Who are your club's leaders? 

At the end of the 2016 season, when a knee injury to Hannebery cruelled his side's chances of beating the Western Bulldogs in the Grand Final, the tough left-footer was a career-high No.14 in the Schick AFL Player Ratings. 

Since the Swans lost that decider, Hannebery is winning less of the football – both inside and outside the contest – is not providing the run and carry he once did, and offers less defensive pressure.

This table compares the 120 midfielders who played at least 15 matches in 2016 with the 121 midfielders who have lined up in at least 10 games this season.

The numbers are stark.

2016 average2016 rank
(out of top 120 mids)
2018 average2018 rank
(out of top 121 mids)
Kick rating-3.3%96-14.3%121
Metres gained427m13199m112
Contested possessions13.210790
Uncontested possessions17.81111.967
Score involvements7123.4108
Pressure points44.23631.499

Perhaps the most staggering part of Hannebery's descent is he's still only 27 and should be in the prime of his career.

His foot skills have been worse than any other midfielder in the AFL with his kick rating at -14.3 per cent.

Kick rating compares how often a player hits the target compared to the rest of the competition when they are in the same situation, taking into account the difficulty of the attempt.

It's worth noting though that even in 2016, when Hannebery was flying, his kick rating was -3.3 per cent to rank 96 out of 120