A HOST of veterans have already called it quits.

But others remain in limbo heading into the final round of the home and away season.

On this week's AFL Exchange, the team look at the players still waiting on a decision on their future.

Join Mitch Cleary, Riley Beveridge and Cal Twomey as they discuss the race to the finals and the trade implications approaching the off-season.

Plus, they're joined by Adelaide ball magnet Paul Seedsman to address why his No.11 jumper has caused so much conversation in 2021.

Episode guide

3:15 – Who will 5th and 6th least want to play in the elimination finals?

7:50 – What are the selection decisions this weekend that had you thinking about trades? 

13:05 – R22 NAB AFL Rising Star nominee

14:30 – Who is going to be unlucky not to receive a nomination?

17:20 – Most memorable weather-event games? 

20:25 – North Melbourne have missed Josh Kelly – what do they do now? 

24:00 – How do the Cats cover Tom Stewart? 

25:55 – What would be the AFL's equivalent of the Field of Dreams game? 

28:10 – Special guest – Adelaide's Paul Seedsman

34:05 – Exchange Exchange

38:35 – Who are the senior players currently playing for a contract?