COLLINGWOOD has revealed the names of the 11 nominees who are hunting down the club's four available board spots with Jeff Browne heading the list and widely expected to be named the club's next president.

The deadline for the nominations was on Thursday, and high-profile candidate Christine Holgate - a current director - is also seeking re-election.

Incumbent president Mark Korda will step down from the role after the club's annual general meeting on December 16, but he will remain on the board next year. Browne, a former AFL legal adviser, and close friend of former president Eddie McGuire, has made no secret of his desire to usurp Korda.

Mark Korda shakes Nathan Buckley's hand as Jett Buckley looks on following Collingwood's R13 win over Melbourne at the SCG on June 14, 2021. Picture: AFL Photos

Directors Jodie Sizer and Paul Licuria are not up for election after they were elected for three years in 2021.

Voting begins from November 19 but only Collingwood members with Legends, Club 5 or Social Club status can take part before voting closes on December 10 

Along with Holgate, Neil Wilson is also seeking re-election, while Peter Murphy will step away from the board.

Collingwood directors Christine Holgate and Neil Wilson are seeking re-election. Picture:

Browne is encouraging members to vote for Renee Roberts, Barry Carp and Holgate. 

The other nominees are: Sal Perna, Barry Carp, Amanda Cameron, Sean Callanan, Renee Roberts, Colin Moorhead, Mark Febbraio, and Christopher MacDonald.


The election should put an end to 12 months of chaos at Collingwood which really started during the 2020 Trade Period where the club had to release players due to salary cap issues.

More problems arose when the Do Better report - an investigation into racism at the club - was leaked, and McGuire, after 22 years in charge, was forced to resign due to his bungled handling of its release.

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Korda took charge in February, following McGuire's departure, which led to fan unrest and constant rumblings that a coup was near.

In the meantime, team performance was poor and charismatic coach Nathan Buckley quit in June to add to the instability.