IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, retired Richmond flag hero Bachar Houli opens up on his AFL journey, family, and faith.


- Houli reveals how football has taught him so many lessons in life, including 'maturity'
- 'After hardship comes ease' – Houli inspired by Quran text
- The power of 'positivity'
- 'Control what you can control – and that is your state (of mind) at that given moment'
- 'Anyone can walk into this country and pick up a football, or walk into a local club, and feel safe'

In this episode ... 

0:35 – Bachar Houli's family and introduction to footy

2:10 – Career beginnings, and valuable lessons

3:26 – Richmond's run of success and what drove it

5:29 – Footballing twilight 

6:28 – Houli's community passion