IN TODAY'S AFL Daily, star journalists Damian Barrett and Nat Edwards as they unpack the Hugh Greenwood move, and join all the dots on football's big issues.


The Hugh Greenwood steal: 'If our listeners are taking their time to get their heads around this, they're not alone'
- A bizarre, 'embarrassing' story for the Suns, good inside grunt for North's midfield
- Why this re-signing is 'absolutely massive news for the Suns'
- Who's in line to be the next senior coach?
-  Kara Antonio: 'She's been incredible as a leader for that footy club… and a really top player'

In this episode ...

0:00 – The details behind Hugh Greenwood's shock move to North Melbourne

2:36 – What Greenwood can contribute to the Roos

3:21 – Gold Coast's blunder

5:17 – North Melbourne's midfield looks exciting for 2022

6:39 – Touk Miller signs a huge contract

7:25 – Why Miller's re-signing is so important for Gold Coast's culture

11:09 – Coaching movement

13:54 – The assistant coaches waiting in the wings for a senior position

16:08 – Fremantle's AFLW captain steps down