HAWTHORN is open to moving up the board and nabbing a second first-round pick with a live trade during the NAB AFL Draft.

The Hawks enter the draft at No.5, but they would be willing to potentially use their two second-round selections (No.21 and No.24) or a future selection to get another pick in the first round.

Giants recruiting manager Adrian Caruso on Monday said the club will listen to offers for their second pick (currently No.13) and Hawthorn list boss Mark McKenzie said it will be silly to not ask the question.

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"We're pretty open with that 21, 24. Whether we explore trying to get up in scenarios or even pushing one of them back if it suits where we want to go or even into the future. It just depends how the draft pans out," McKenzie told NAB AFL Draft Countdown on Tuesday.

"Depending on the players that were there you'd certainly ask the question (of pick No.13). You're probably not doing your job if you're not willing to ask the question and see what it would take to move up, whether it's 13 or 17 or 18.

"Whether it's futures, we'll always ask the question. It just depends who's on the board and what you're willing to give up. If there's something there, then we'll definitely ask the question and see what it will take."

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'Seven or eight' players in Hawthorn's sights

Hawthorn recruiting manager Mark McKenzie breaks down what the Hawks will do with their first pick.

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McKenzie was staying quiet on the Hawks' plans for pick No.5, saying there were up to eight players in the mix with Josh Ward and Matthew Johnson among that group.

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He also said the club will look closely at Tyler Sonsie with their second pick after the prospect impressed for Box Hill in the VFL this year.

The recruiting boss also revealed new coach Sam Mitchell has been heavily involved in the recruiting process and joining in on interviews with prospects. 

"He wants to be a part of everything ... he was involved in a lot of interviews even from a couple of months ago just jumping in here or there with some players over the Zoom period," McKenzie said.

"He seems to liven up our interviews, he seems to think we're a bit flat sometimes so he'll come in and try to razz the player up or even us up to change the tune a bit. 

"He's been great, very supportive and it's always good to have the coach understand the knowledge behind the players and look at it a different way from our point of view as well, which includes the brand he wants to play and what necessarily fits with that and he'll make us look at it another way. 

"He's been heavily involved the last couple of months and he is super excited."


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