ANGUS Brayshaw’s large head made it difficult for Melbourne to find him a helmet that fit.

The 20-year-old midfielder was concussed twice in three weeks earlier this year and he admitted to being concerned about the issue. His second concussion was particularly worrying, since it was caused by what Brayshaw called at the time a "glancing blow".
While he has returned to the senior team without a helmet, he told there were issues finding headgear.
"They had trouble finding one that fit my head but in the end, they got one," Brayshaw said.
The size of Brayshaw's head is certainly noticed at the club.
"The guys like to make fun of me about the size of my head, and I need a haircut, so that probably doesn’t help,” Brayshaw said.
His mother pushed for him to wear a helmet but Brayshaw opted not to use it.
Mum really wanted me to (wear a helmet). She was pushing for it," he said.
"In my mind, I felt like if I was wearing one, then I wasn't confident enough to play.
"I just got to the point where I was comfortable with where I was at, and I didn't need one in the end.
"I haven't got another knock since."