FREMANTLE captain David Mundy admits Nat Fyfe's "demanding" leadership style may put his teammates offside. 

Mundy's admission comes following Hayden Ballantyne's request to be traded away from the club despite having a year to run on his contract.

However Mundy has defended Fyfe's methods, saying they were necessary to help improve the playing group. 

"Nat's clearly a very demanding leader at times, and knows what he wants," Mundy said.

"We love that about him. We respect that and we value that in the football club.

"Sometimes that may get people offside. But Nat especially is coming from a place to help everyone improve. Our group understands that.

"So while there might be moments where myself, Nat, or Ross (Lyon) might get someone offside, it's all for the betterment of the team."

Mundy said Fyfe and the other club leaders have challenged players this year, but he didn't think it had led to feelings of unrest or had caused a divide between Fyfe and some other players.

When asked about rumours that Ballantyne wants to leave because of a rift with Fyfe, Mundy replied: "That surprises me. That's the first I've ever heard of that. That certainly shocks me."

Mundy claims the environment within the club is as strong as ever, despite the Dockers' ordinary on-field results.

And he said suggestions of a fracture within the player group were wide of the mark.

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"We're not splintering at all. We're working together," Mundy said.

"Some guys have been frustrated by form, selection, and injury throughout the year. That's part and parcel of the game.

"But as a group to suggest we're splintering or fracturing in any way, I think would be a falsehood.

"Our Monday to Friday processes remain as strong as ever. Guys are buying in and trying to improve.

"The frustration has been out of no improvement, or little improvement and little gain, from those discussions and meetings and training."