HOLD YOUR premiums! That’s a line that Toyota AFL Fantasy coaches tell themselves early in the season. Trust your starting picks. Back your research.

But is two games of data enough?

The most traded out player in Fantasy Classic is currently Max Gawn (RUC, $855,000). He’s posted back-to-back scores of 79 and dropped $56k with more price decreases to come with his breakeven now at 143.

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Struggling with the dew on Saturday night and the free kicks against in round one are a few of the valid reasons for his lower than expected score, but is this the first year for a long time that Max isn’t a top two ruck?

The Traders discuss whether moving on the Demons’ captain is a good idea and look ahead to how to use your two trades this week.

Roy and Calvin - with some help from Warnie who is isolating - answer plenty of your questions in their 500th episode of the Official AFL Fantasy Podcast.

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In this week’s episode …

1:00 - The boys celebrate 500 episodes of the podcast.

4:00 - Roy is back on track after jumping up the rankings.

7:15 - Will Brodie scored a ton despite his low time on ground.

9:45 - Warnie is disappointed with the role he saw Matt Rowell have to do after quarter-time.

12:00 - The Bombers will be without Zach Merrett for 6-8 weeks.

15:40 - Braydon Preuss may come back for the Giants this week after 123 in the VFL.

17:00 - The most popular player traded out so far is Max Gawn. Should coaches follow through with this move?

21:10 - Could you consider trading Matt Rowell?

25:30 - Roy, Calvin and Warnie look at their early trades.

26:45 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

29:00 - Is playing Jack Hayes fraught with danger until Tristan Xerri gains RUC status?

35:30 - According to Roy, Patrick Cripps is the best player in the AFL as we sit here.

37:45 - Jake Bowey scored 125 and presents value but the boys warn that his scoring could be sporadic.

41:00 - "It doesn't matter if Isaac Heeney needs goals to get there, he still gets there".

44:05 - Hawks are letting their opponents rack up big scores, even through they're winning.

47:45 - The Traders think about some of the highlights of their time playing Fantasy.

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