ARE CLUBS ruthless enough on free agents? Should they be considering the compensation picks more often instead of re-signing key players?

Listen to this week's episode of AFL Exchange for all the latest contract and free agency news as the team also discuss whether more clubs should weigh up the possible draft compensation for players leaving.

Join co-hosts Sarah Olle, Cal Twomey, and Riley Beveridge as the AFL Exchange crew answer those questions and more of the big issues in the lead up to round five.


Away from the action on the field, we put our own twist on the Australian Grand Prix, discuss what we'd put on the signs held up by interchange stewards and delve into the world of free agency. 

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On this week's episode...

2.00: Are we underselling the Saints chances this year?

5.50: Was the loss to Gold Coast a speed bump or a worry for Carlton?

8.35: Did you learn more about Richmond or the Bulldogs on Saturday night?

15.30: The Exchange Exchange

24.35: Who has more to prove this week - Fremantle or Essendon?

26.50: Have teams worked out the Magpies and Hawks?

32.20: What’s he worth?

36.05: Which footballer would you trust driving you on a hot lap at Albert Park?

39.12: Are clubs ruthless enough on Free Agents? 

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AFL Exchange: Saints surprising, Carlton's blip and F1 footy

Cal Twomey, Riley Beveridge, and Sarah Olle answer all the questions from a big round 4 of the AFL season. St Kilda are proving the pre-season doubters wrong, the Blues suffer their first loss & have the newest coaches in the game been found out a...

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