WEST Coast great John Worsfold returned to the club on Thursday as a show of support for the 2022 group and to remind the players about the "cycles of footy" as they embark on a rebuild.   

The premiership captain and coach, who handed over to Adam Simpson at the end of 2013 after 12 seasons in charge, was joined by a group of past players including Darren Glass, Andrew Embley, Drew Banfield, Tony Evans and Ashley Sampi. 

Worsfold addressed the players before training at Mineral Resources Park and reiterated that the work the players put in now while the club is on the bottom of the ladder will eventually pay off.

"'Woosha' has been through many cycles as a player and as a coach, and a lot of us older players have as well," champion forward Josh Kennedy said on Thursday.

"So it's great for him to come down and have those wise words, and for us as older players to push that down to the younger players who probably haven't been through tough times.

"Liam Ryan has come straight in and in his first year won a flag, so this is the first time he's had to go through something like this.  

"He (Worsfold) was talking about the cycles of footy … and just making sure you put in the work, because the work and the training that goes in when times are tough, you know is going to make you better in years to come when things are really good." 

John Worsfold addresses West Coast players during round 21, 2013. Picture: AFL Photos

Worsfold played 209 games for West Coast between 1987-98 and coached the club in a further 264 from 2002-13, captaining the Eagles to the 1992 and 1994 premierships and leading them to the 2006 flag as coach.

The 53-year-old, who has the club champion award named in his honour, said the visit was about showing the players they have support around them.   

"We know this club’s got a great record for coming out of these tough spots in a really strong position and we know they’ll do it again," Worsfold said.

"We had other players who couldn’t get away from their current roles to get down here, but all sent their support to say we’re right behind the club. 

"Deep down you know people are supporting you, but just seeing them does solidify and make it clear that these guys have gone out of their way to stick their faces in, say g'day and show their support."

John Worsfold and Dyson Heppell look on during the national anthem during the elimination final on September 5, 2019. Picture: AFL Photos

Kennedy, who said Worsfold remained a valued sounding board, will be sidelined for Sunday's clash against Greater Western Sydney with a knee complaint, with Jamie Cripps (illness) also now missing.  

The key forward said managing his knee soreness would be an ongoing issue for the rest of the season, but he was hopeful he could play out the year.  

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"That's the plan. We'll see how we go. It's all about management with it and it has been since pre-season," he said.  

"We'll manage it the best way we can and out of 12-13 games left, if I play eight to 10 then that's great, or if I play all 12.  

"But hopefully we'll make it through to the back end of the year."