HE IS one of the buzz players ahead of the NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft and Wade Derksen has an incredible story to tell.

The Peel Thunder talent joins the Road to the Draft podcast this week to discuss his journey as a number of clubs closely consider him as a selection next week.

Derksen, from isolation as he has COVID-19, joins hosts Cal Twomey and Nat Edwards to detail his season and his hopes of a mid-season AFL berth.

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Also on the show this week the team discuss all the latest mid-season rookie draft news and chat about the leading contenders as well as reviewing last week's NAB AFL Academy clash with Collingwood's VFL side.

Tune in for the latest in the world of the draft, trade and player movement space as draft prospects, club list managers and recruiters join Road to the Draft for exclusive interviews.

In this week's episode … 

1:00 – Is there a clear No.1 pick for the November draft? The team review the AFL Academy's clash from last weekend.

3:30 – The midfielders, including a potential father-son, who pushed their draft claims.

6:00 – The Auskick star who is now on the radar of clubs as a potential top-10 pick.

7:40 – Which clubs hold mid-season rookie draft picks and who will they choose?

9:00 – Will AFL clubs change their recruiting philosophy at this year's mid-season intake?

10:30 – The main contenders for next week's mid-season draft.

13:15 – Mid-season hopeful Wade Derksen joins the show to discuss his journey to being on the cusp of an AFL chance.

17:30 – The appeal of Peel – why Derksen headed to the WAFL to push his hopes.

21:20 – Derksen on the impact his big growth spurt has had on his footy.

26:00 – The clubs who have been in touch with Derksen and could swoop on him as a mid-season pick.