LACHIE Neale closed the gap to Clayton Oliver atop the AFL Coaches' Association champion player of the year award as a Bomber landed a perfect 10 in defeat.

Neale finished with 39 disposals, nine clearances and two goals in Brisbane's 14-point win over Greater Western Sydney on Saturday, earning nine votes.

The star midfielder is within five votes of Oliver, who picked up two in Melbourne's first loss of the season to Fremantle.


There were five 10-vote games, including Geelong defender Tom Stewart, Western Bulldogs ruck Tim English, Gold Coast Sun Brandon Ellis and St Kilda's Brad Hill.

And despite Essendon's 16-point loss to Port Adelaide, Darcy Parish also landed 10 after his 39 disposals, seven clearances and nine score involvements.

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Sydney v Richmond

9 Lance Franklin (SYD)
6 Chad Warner (SYD)
4 Peter Ladhams (SYD)
3 Callum Mills (SYD)
3 Toby Nankervis (RICH)
2 Trent Cotchin (RICH)
2 Luke Parker (SYD)
1 Dylan Grimes (RICH)

Brisbane v Greater Western Sydney

9 Lachie Neale (BL)
7 Jarrod Berry (BL)
5 Lincoln McCarthy (BL)
5 Toby Greene (GWS)
4 Josh Kelly (GWS)

Geelong v Adelaide

10 Tom Stewart (GEEL)
8 Jeremy Cameron (GEEL)
4 Reilly O'Brien (ADEL)
3 Tom Atkins (GEEL)
2 Sam De Koning (GEEL)
2 Cameron Guthrie (GEEL)
1 Gryan Miers (GEEL)

Melbourne v Fremantle

8 Rory Lobb (FRE)
8 Michael Frederick (FRE)
5 Sean Darcy (FRE)
3 Brennan Cox (FRE)
2 Clayton Oliver (MELB)
2 James Aish (FRE)
1 Andrew Brayshaw (FRE)
1 Lachie Schultz (FRE)

West Coast v Western Bulldogs

10 Tim English (WB)
6 Adam Treloar (WB)
5 Tim Kelly (WCE)
4 Josh Dunkley (WB)
3 Bailey Dale (WB)
1 Jack Macrae (WB)
1 Bailey Williams (WB)

Gold Coast v Hawthorn

10 Brandon Ellis (GCFC)
7 Jarrod Witts (GCFC)
7 Lachie Weller (GCFC)
2 Touk Miller (GCFC)
2 Charlie Ballard (GCFC)
1 Izak Rankine (GCFC)
1 James Sicily (HAW)

St Kilda v North Melbourne

10 Brad Hill (STK)
8 Jack Sinclair (STK)
6 Jade Gresham (STK)
2 Callum Wilkie (STK)
2 Dougal Howard (STK)
1 Sebastian Ross (STK)
1 Todd Goldstein (NMFC)

Collingwood v Carlton

9 Jordan De Goey (COLL)
5 Sam Walsh (CARL)
5 John Noble (COLL)
4 Nathan Murphy (COLL)
3 Jeremy Howe (COLL)
2 Adam Cerra (CARL)
2 Steele Sidebottom (COLL)

Port Adelaide v Essendon

10 Darcy Parish (ESS)
8 Connor Rozee (PORT)
5 Ollie Wines (PORT)
5 Nic Martin (ESS)
1 Dan Houston (PORT)
1 Karl Amon (PORT)


63 Clayton Oliver (MELB)
58 Lachie Neale (BL)
53 Patrick Cripps (CARL)
50 Christian Petracca (MELB)
48 Andrew Brayshaw (FRE)
44 Callum Mills (SYD)
42 Jeremy Cameron (GEEL)
41 Darcy Parish (ESS)
40 Touk Miller (GCFC)
40 Bailey Smith (WB)
39 Jack Crisp (COLL)
39 James Sicily (HAW)
37 Charlie Curnow (CARL)
35 Sam Walsh (CARL)
31 Jordan De Goey (COLL)
31 Hugh McCluggage (BL)
31 Jack Sinclair (STK)
31 Tom Stewart (GEEL)
31 Jarrod Witts (GCFC)