THE 2015 AFL Youth Girls National Championships concluded on Friday with the final round of matches played at Bendigo Bank Stadium in Mandurah, Western Australia.

The championships are the pinnacle competition for young female footballers aged between 15-18 years.

Vic Metro defeated Queensland to win Pool A, while South Australia defeated NSW/ACT to win Pool B.

Taylah Harris from Queensland was awarded the Pool A Fairest and Best medal.

Sarah Allan from South Australia was awarded the Pool B Fairest and Best medal.

The Youth Girls All-Australian team:
Backs: Angela Priftis (NSW/ACT), Emily McGuire (Woomeras), Demi Okely (WA)
Half Backs: Katherine Smith (Vic Metro), Taylah Harris (Queensland), Beatrice Devlyn (WA)
Centres: Monique Conti (Vic Metro), Rachel Ortlepp (WA), Elisa King (Queensland)
Half Forwards: Madison Prespakis (Vic Metro), Ashleigh Woodland (SA), Ainslie Kemp (Vic Country)
Forwards: Deanna Berry (Vic Metro), Sarah Allan (SA), Courtney Hodder (WA)
Followers: Tahlia Randall (Queensland), Ebony Marinoff (South Australia), Brittany Bonnici (Vic Metro)
Interchange: Ellyse Gamble (Thunder Devils), Delma Gish (Woomeras), Gabby Collingwood (Queensland), Shaliese Law (Queensland), Jodi Hicks (NSW/ACT)

Final standings

Pool A
Vic Metro
Western Australia
Vic Country 

Pool B
South Australia
New South Wales/ACT
Woomeras (Indigenous team)
Thunder Devils (combined Northern Territory & Tasmania team)

Match reports and details are available here: