THE BROTHERS are tearing it up in the AFL.

This week, the De Konings will meet at the MCG where they will continue their rapid rise among the AFL ranks. Tom is developing nicely as Carlton's athletic tap ruckman, while Sam has emerged as one of the game's best young key defenders at Geelong.

The oldest of the Daicos brothers, Josh, has played inspired footy over the last fortnight through both the forward line and the midfield. The youngest, Nick, has left some pondering whether his is the greatest debut season in memory.

WHAT A START! The young Magpie defying all expectations

The Brayshaw boys have helped Melbourne and Fremantle become genuine top-four threats this season, the McCartins have solidified Sydney's backline, and the Henrys have each kicked decisive goals for the Cats and Magpies of late.

Tom and Paddy McCartin share a moment during the Sydney v Melbourne clash in R12, 2022. Picture: Getty Images

The McKay twins, at Carlton and North Melbourne, have bizarrely never played on each other. But both have still become two of the best in their position, albeit at either end of the field.

There are 26 sets of brothers, including three sets of twins, currently plying their trade throughout the AFL. It begs the obvious question – if you were to split them between older and younger, which side would come out on top? has discovered that Max King is slightly older than twin brother Ben, Ben McKay is slightly older than twin brother Harry, and Michael Frederick is slightly older than twin brother Martin. Each have been put into teams accordingly.

Meanwhile, as the oldest of the AFL's only trio of brothers, Adelaide's Shane McAdam has been placed in the older team. His younger brothers, Collingwood's Ash Johnson and Fremantle's Eric Benning, have therefore been put in the younger side.

The older team has an elite backline that features Ben McKay, Harry Himmelberg, Jeremy McGovern and Paddy McCartin in key position posts. Its midfield, which boasts Brad Crouch, Cam Guthrie and Jack Macrae, isn't bad either.

The forward line of the younger side is its clear strength. It won't be hard to find goals when Coleman Medal leader Charlie Curnow, as well as Ben King, Harry McKay and Mitch McGovern, are all around.

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