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COMING into the round ranked 99th I managed to hit all the carnage, including Gary Ablett (injured) and Tom Mitchell (substituted) to name a few… I mean honestly, Gaz was just bad luck but who knows what the Swans were thinking giving Mitch the vest in a game where they were comprehensively smashed in contested possession. Anyway, hopefully you managed to dodge the bullets and pump out a good score!

Fantasy Pig

Luke Hodge is having a career-best Fantasy year and he confirmed his status as a must have against the Blues with another huge game, collecting 32 touches, 12 marks and snagging a goal for a whopping 140 points. He and Liam Picken are the guys you really need to have in your backline leading into finals.

Fantasy Prestigiacomo

Seemingly ticking all boxes coming into this round, Grant Birchall was very disappointing in a scoring frenzy against the Blues, where eight Hawks managed more than 100. Birch failed to lay a tackle in his 21-possession game and scored just 62 despite the ease at which the Hawks shared the ball around. He was well below what he has contributed in recent weeks.

Junior Swine

The perfect downgrade option, and an ideal emergency, in the backline is Bomber Alex Browne. He had a great game upon return from being concussed a couple of weeks ago with 75 points from 17 possessions, four marks and a handy goal. He has great job security and will be a solid contributor for the remainder of the year.

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Round 16's top 10 scores:

Jack Gunston: 161
Matt Priddis: 142
Luke Hodge: 140
Patrick Dangerfield: 138
Liam Picken: 136

Fantasy mailbag

We had a play with our team on the Apple Watch this weekend. Unfortunately with Ablett as our captain the score didn't tick over as much as we wanted. Click here to get the latest iOS update.

You beauty! Congratulations to Liz Gillard who is $10,000 richer after scoring 1013 in NAB AFL Fantasy Match Day on Friday night. Make sure you are always picking your teams in the quickest and easiest Fantasy game to play every weekend!

What an absolute joke! 

Great to see some good stories this week!

That hurts even more than my Fyfe to Gaz. Never doubt a champ… 

Haha, tried to keep a lid on it… As I calmly wait for lockout to lift so I can delete my team!

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