WEST Coast's inactivity during this year's NAB AFL Trade Period was due to its intention of retaining its first two draft picks, according football operations manager Craig Vozzo.

After narrowly missing the finals in 2014 the Eagles identified a need to add some depth to their midfield, looking specifically for pace and size. 

But at the end of the trade period West Coast walked away having not executed a single transaction, which has mystified some fans and pundits. 

However, Vozzo told the club's website that the Eagles had a clear strategy to only go after top-end talent, and if it wasn't available then they were keen to retain their first two draft picks of No.11 and No.32 in the draft. 

"Our recruiting staff have identified this draft as a really good draft that has good depth," Vozzo said.

"So we placed a fairly high premium on our first and second selections going into the trade period.

"With that in mind, going into the trade period, we were still really keen to bring in some high-end talent through our midfield, whether that's inside or an outside running type player, preferably with some speed as a focus as well.

"They're not easy to get, people with high-end talent. They're players who are normally tucked away early and signed up.

"Unless we could bring in that high-end talent onto the list, we were going to retain our picks and go to the draft, which we’re really comfortable doing."

Vozzo said the Eagles did make bids to lure both Travis Varcoe and Allen Christensen west, however due to personal circumstances the Eagles were unable to secure either player. 

"Travis was a player we identified fairly early on as one that could improve our list because he brings that outside speed and skill, and he can play a variety of roles we thought would help us," Vozzo said.

"Travis was a contracted player, so we approached Geelong some time back, then with their consent spoke to Travis, his partner and his management.

"We got a fair way down the road with all that. Unfortunately personal circumstances meant that Travis elected to pursue options in Victoria, which is disappointing for us.

"Allen Christensen would be an outstanding prospect - no doubt, he's a high-class midfielder.

"Allen was a player that popped up very late in proceedings, he was obviously a player Geelong was very keen to retain, but when he made his decision to leave we were all over that.

"Unfortunately his preference was to move north (to Brisbane). We were unable to convince Allen that his future could be in the west."

Vozzo was quick to dismiss any suggestion that West Coast were not keen traders given the Eagles have recruited Elliot Yeo, Sharrod Wellingham, Jamie Cripps and Xavier Ellis via trade or free agency over the last few years. 

The Eagles have made four list changes already with the retirements of Dean Cox and Darren Glass and the delisting of Ashley Smith and Jacob Brennan.

The Eagles have upgraded Callum Sinclair to the senior list after two years as a rookie. They have also committed to selecting Alec Waterman, son of dual premiership player Chris Waterman, with their last pick in the national draft.

The future of youngsters Adam Carter and Blayne Wilson remain in the balance as both are not contracted for next season.