ANDREW Demetriou has forecast changes to rules on the length of contracts as a result of Lance Franklin's record-breaking move to the Sydney Swans. 

The outgoing AFL chief executive conceded it would be "very difficult" for Franklin to fulfill his nine-year deal at the Swans, prompting discussions with League officials on a maximum contract term. 

Franklin last year signed a $10 million deal that would see him playing to the end of 2022. He has completed nine seasons with Hawthorn. 

"I have no doubt, speaking to (AFL football operations manager) Mark Evans and others, that lends us to having a discussion about the length of contracts," Demetriou told Channel Nine's The Footy Show

"Should there be a maximum term or so forth, that's one of the by-products of what happened last year. 

"There's no doubt that's one of the leanings from this issue around free agency is giving players longer contracts." 

Demetriou said it would be tough to see the two-time premiership spearhead playing at age 36. 

"I think it'll be very difficult for him to be playing in 2022," Demetriou said. 

"I hope he does. It's good for Sydney, it's good for our market.

"Of course it's a risk, the Sydney Swans identify it as a risk."

Demetriou confirmed the AFL would not assist in paying his wage, should he not fulfill the length of his contract. 

"The club has absolutely committed, and it's in writing, paying the total worth of his contract even if he doesn't play for nine years."

The Swans considered taking insurance out on the Franklin contract, and sought quotes from two international re-insurance firms, before deciding against such action.

Franklin's move triggered the AFL this week to phase out the Swans' 9.8 per cent allowance after howls of protests from opposition clubs.