FORMER Bomber Kyle Reimers has spoken out about Essendon's supplement use, saying the club knew it was pushing the boundaries.

It has been reported the club requested players to sign waivers taking responsibility for supplements taken as part of the Bombers' fitness program.

Shocked Dons in ASADA probe

The club is now facing an ASADA and AFL investigation after admitting to concerns and uncertainty about the supplements the players had been using.

Reimers, who was delisted last year by Essendon, told Channel Nine the step of signing waivers felt unusual.

"Speaking to blokes from other clubs, I don’t think anyone's ever thought about signing it or doing the stuff we were doing," Reimers said.

The 24-year-old said the club made it known to players the program was on the borderline.

"They gave a brief outline but never really went into too much detail about it," Reimers said.  

"They admitted to us it was right on the edge of the levels you could be taking.

"After a couple of months away from it (the club), it does seem very odd the type of stuff we were taking."

Essendon officials, including coach James Hird, chief executive Ian Robson and chairman David Evans, met with the AFL on Tuesday.

They then fronted a press conference at AFL House, with Evans saying the Bombers had received information in the past two days raising concerns about the supplements.

Reimers played 60 games for the Bombers in six seasons at the club, but managed only five appearances in 2012.