THE NAB AFL Under-16 Championships started last month with Division One heavyweights Vic Metro and South Australia having wins over Vic Country and Western Australia respectively.

Vic Metro defeated Vic Country by 18 points at Geelong’s GMHBA Stadium while South Australia enjoyed a 29-win over the Sandgropers at Leederville Oval in Perth.

In Division Two, Tasmania kicked off its campaign with a 43-point win over Northern Territory, while NSW/ACT scraped past Queensland by 11 points on Sunday at Blacktown International Sport Park.

The championships will conclude in Queensland with matches played at Southport, Metricon Stadium, the Gabba and Aspley from July 8 to 13.

VIC METRO                 3.1  4.4  6.6     10.7 (67)
VIC COUNTRY             3.2  4.6  6.7     7.7 (49)

Vic Metro: A.Lukic 4, J.Rossimel 2, J.Newitt, J.Soligo, B.Howes, T.Sonsie.
Vic Country: J.Clarke 3, O.Faulkhead 2, J.Davies, B.Hobbs.

Vic Metro: T.Sonsie, J.Sinn, Y.Dib, A.Lukic, A.McLennan, B.Andrews.
Vic Country: C.Chessar, B.Hobbs, C.Hamilton, M.Moshetti, H.Hamilton, J.Rachelle.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA     3.4  9.5  10.8  13.10 (88)
WESTERN AUSTRALIA 2.2  5.3  6.5     9.5 (59)

South Australia: I.Dudley 4, M.Ferres 4, J.Horne, Z.Santillo, C.Murley, J.Watson, H.McInnes.
Western Australia: M.Johnson 2, L.Taylor 2, Z.Fleiner, L.Humphries, J.Van Rooyen, R.Farmer, E.Regan.

South Australia: I.Dudley, J.Horne, A.Draper, M.Dnistriansky, Z.Samtillo, M.Roberts.
Western Australia: M.Chipper, Z.Fliener, B.Morris, M.Brown, L.Polson, L.Taylor.

Division Two

TASMANIA                            16.13 (109)
NORTHERN TERRITORY          8.8 (56)

Tasmania: J.McIvor 4, D.Gardner 3, S.Banks 2, Z.Morris 2, L.Canny, S.Foley, B.Lowe, G.McLeod, Sam Sherriff.
Northern Territory: M.White 4, G.Mununggurr, J.Jones, L.Coach, T.Lui.

Tasmania: J.McIvor, D.Gardner, B.Lowe, S.Banks, T.Bailey, S.Foley.
Northern Territory: A.James, T.Buitenhuis, B.Lake, M.White, N.Stevens, J.Jones.

NSW/ACT            10.10 (70)
QUEENSLAND       9.5 (59)

NSW/ACT: A.Ball 2, E.Hollard 2, F.Rogers, P.Voss, S.Stening, W.Sexton, K.Watts, L.Wilson.
Queensland: Noah McFadyen 4, D.Lanthois, B.Little, J.Lockett, Glen Saniong, Sam Winterbottom.

NSW/ACT: A.Ball, W.Edwards, M.Miller, P.Voss, W.Sexton, T.Alker.
Queensland: B.Uwland, A.Harris, N.McFadyen, F.Brown, D.Lanthois, L.Harrop.