WHEN Jack Watts talks about a lack of leadership at Melbourne, he should point the finger at himself.

That is the view of 1999 Coleman medallist Scott Cummings.

Cummings has launched a scathing attack on Melbourne's No.1 draft pick after Watts spoke about the club's lack of leadership on Wednesday.

Watts said Melbourne was lacking in on-field leadership, and was struggling to develop a winning culture amongst its playing group.

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Cumming said it was time Watts stood up himself, rather than wait for someone else to lead the way.

"Really Jack? We don't have any leaders? Well how about being one yourself," Cummings said

"This kid has got everything, he's been handed everything … you can do whatever you like if you actually have a dip.

"A more disappointing No.1 draft pick I do not know. He's been there five years, five years he's been there.

"He didn't ask to go pick No.1 one so that's fine, but seriously, mate, do not come out, unless you're firing a shot, unless you're actually having a crack, or have had a crack at any stage of your five-year career and led the way.

"(He has to say), 'All right boys, follow me in effort, follow me in vigour, follow me in passion'."

"Do not have a go that there is no one leading your club at the moment. You know what, stand up, don't be a sheep, don't wait for someone else to lead, you set the tone and they can follow you."

Cummings also said the Demons needed a change off the field.

"They need some probably non-Melbourne people in there, people that have got a winning culture, they need to go and get the Brian Cooks of the world, the Neil Balmes of the world … they need good people off the field to set the agenda on the field."

Balme, a former coach of Melbourne, was sacked by the club in 1997. He is now Geelong's general manager of football. Brian Cook is Geelong's chief executive.