EDDIE McGuire has fought back tears on-air, an indication of the toll the fallout from his racial gaffe is having.
"It is, look it's hard to be portrayed in the opposite of what you are," an emotional McGuire told his Triple M radio audience.
"I know I've made the blue yesterday and I've explained the whole situation.
"But look it is, it's really hard, but it's good to hear that maybe you know somewhere along the journey you've done something right as well.
"If I'm feeling it this morning, I can only imagine what Adam Goodes has felt all his life, and Harry O'Brien, and that's why I'm not going to turn this into the Wailing Wall for me.

McGuire had earlier said he will consider standing down as Collingwood president while the AFL goes through its racial vilification process.
The League announced on Wednesday afternoon McGuire would be required to meet the AFL to discuss his comments referencing Sydney Swans champion Adam Goodes and King Kong.
McGuire said he would speak with the Collingwood board on Thursday to discuss his position, and also said he was not against stepping aside form his media commitments following the comments.
"I'll speak to the board [about it]," McGuire told Fox Footy on Wednesday night.
"If that's appropriate, if that's symbolic, if that makes a difference, then I will. I have no problem with that.
"And I'd have no problem if Triple M said 'Have a spell' [and] if Fox Footy said 'We don't want you to be the face of footy this weekend, maybe have a spell', then I would happily do that and cop that blemish on my impeccable record in that regard to make the point."
League chief executive Andrew Demetriou said the comments were being dealt with under rule 30 of the AFL player rules, and that McGuire's comments meant he needed to go through the racial and religious vilification process.
McGuire said he had no issue with fronting the AFL.
"I'm happy to take every step and every whack that comes," he said.
Collingwood defender Harry O'Brien, who earlier on Wednesday publicly critcised McGuire on Twitter, said the pair shared an "emotional" conversation during the day.
"He called me … and he was very emotional speaking to me," O'Brien said on Fox Footy.
"He said 'I'm so sorry' and I said 'I know, you've made a mistake' and everyone makes mistakes.
"It was careless … and I know if Eddie had his time again he wouldn't have said it. I know that for a fact. I know the integrity this man has."